Ebay Selling Tips

Selling on Ebay can make you big money fast but you've got to know what you're doing.

If you want your item to sell on Ebay then first you need to decide whether you are going for an auction format or Buy-It-Now format.

Try using an auction format for best results and starting low - A 99cent auction may seem like a risk if what you're selling is worth $50 but by having a low starting price you stimulate interest and bidders - The more bidders you have the more chance you have of a bidding war breaking out and you may be pleasantly surprised to see that you actually get MORE than you would have sold it for in the first place!

To give you the best chance of getting bids and bidders you need to run the auction for as long as you can. If you're not in any rush to sell then run the auction for the maximum which is 10 days, this gives you maximum exposure and time for as many bidders as possible to notice your auction and get bidding.

Don't panic if you don't get bids straight away, the majority of bids come towards the end of the auction, what's is important is that people see the auction and get ready to place their bid towards the end, that's when you'll suddenly see the price shoot up over the last few hours of the auction as everyone jumps in to try and get their bargain.

For the best chance of getting bids make sure that you use as many pictures as possible - Remember that in the case of Ebay more is more. Yes, "more IS more!" - The more you can put on the better. If people want to know more then you want to have it there on the auction for them to see - If they're not interested they can always scroll past it. So, take as many photo's as possible - Use different angles, expose any problems, highlight any nice features or good quality aspects of the product you are selling.

Describe in words your product in an enthusiastic but honest manner. Highlight the good points, describe how you use it, refer to what it costs elsewhere, what makes this product better than others and so on.

Also, it can be a good idea to let them know a bit about yourself. Put their mind at ease, let them know you're a responsible seller, that you're please to offer help after the sale and that you'll answer any questions they may have before bidding. Let them know when you plan on posting the item and how you will ship it.

Selling items carefully and then following up with your customers and offering good customer service will get you positive feedback. As your positive feedback rating increases you will have more trust from more buyers which means that future auctions you list may get even more interest and attract even higher bids so it is essential that you follow Ebay rules and be a responsible seller.

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