Yes it's true - Ebay threatened to sue us!

Ebay tried to ban the Best Match Formula!  Can you believe that?  If this Best Match formula was banned you wouldn't be able to abuse Ebay in the way they deserve to be abused!

It's true.  When I first tried to release this package we were operating on a different domain name which I have had to shut down due to Ebay.  I had a highly threatening email directly from their legal department telling me that I had to shut down the site straight away!

The Best Match Formula had only just been released and already they were trying to ban it!  It was only in a restricted release phase and wasn't even being marketed to the public properly yet!  Just a few select Ebay players were allowed to test the Ebay Best Match Formula to prove that it really does work, but already Ebay had caught wind of the site.

The email from ebays legal department told me that not only did I have to shut the site down but that I could never use the domain name again, couldn't renew it or even sell it.  They effectively tried to take ownership of my site!  I was threatened with being sued, shut down and legal proceedings!

So, we've changed the site and slipped through some of the loopholes and made sure with our own legal department that we are complying with everything we need to.  It seems to us that maybe Ebay didn't want us getting this information out there.  They didn't specifically say that was the case, but they wouldn't would they!  It was a rather drastic step for Ebay to take to get legal proceedings against me so I take that as testament to the fact that The Best Match Formula really does work!  And Ebay don't like it!  Ha!

I still hold the email that Ebay sent me but if you really want to get making some serious money on Ebay then use need to abuse the Best Match search system.  If you're an old Ebay seller then this is an essential system to boost your sales through the roof.  If you've never sold on Ebay before then The Best Match Formula is even more important to you.

However...It could be only a matter of time before Ebay tries to ban ProfitsBay too so get a hold of a copy of The Best Match Formula Package before it's too late!

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